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About Us

Lone Star Oil Recovery was formed from the simple idea of providing customer service unlike that of our competitors.  We pride ourselves on safe, fast, and clean service!  We don't believe in making promises which we don't intend on keeping.  Our response time for call-in's is within 2 days.  If you call in today; you should expect us no later than tomorrow.  If we are unable to complete your request within those 2 days; you will receive a notification call from our Dispatcher.

Lone Star Oil Recovery is Licenced through the State of Texas EPA and Texas Commision  on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Lone Star Oil Recovery also maintains a $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy to better serve all our customers large and small. This insurance policy is vital in ensuring liability does not fall onto our costumers. What most people do not understand is "CRADLE TO GRAVE". A company operating without proper insurances and state/federal licences cannot ensure liability. 

Please see our Contact Us page for any questions.

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